Corporate services

Welcome to Sai Tax World, your trusted partner for comprehensive corporate services. We offer a wide range of services to assist businesses in various aspects of corporate compliance and operations. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support to help your company thrive.

Incorporation of Company:

Starting a new venture? We can assist you in the smooth and efficient incorporation of your company. Our experts will guide you through the entire process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and assisting with the necessary documentation.

Consultancy on Company Law Matters:

Navigating the complexities of company law can be challenging. Our knowledgeable consultants provide expert advice and guidance on a wide range of company law matters. Whether you need assistance with corporate governance, regulatory compliance, or any other legal issue, we are here to help.

Review of Capital Structure:

Optimizing your company’s capital structure is crucial for financial stability and growth. Our team conducts a comprehensive review of your capital structure, taking into account factors such as equity, debt, and reserves. We provide strategic recommendations to help you achieve an optimal capital structure that aligns with your business goals.

LLP Registration + Deed:

If you are considering establishing a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), we can assist you with the registration process. Our experts will guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. We also provide assistance with drafting the LLP agreement and other related documentation.

NGO Registration:

For organizations looking to make a positive social impact, we offer assistance with NGO registration. Our team will help you navigate the complex registration process and fulfill all legal formalities, enabling you to focus on your mission of serving the community.

Annual Filing of Company:

Compliance with annual filing requirements is essential to maintain good standing with regulatory authorities. We provide comprehensive services for the annual filing of your company, ensuring that all necessary documents and financial statements are prepared accurately and submitted on time.

Closure of Company:

If you have decided to wind up your company, we can guide you through the closure process. Our experts will assist you in fulfilling all legal obligations, including filing the necessary documents, settling liabilities, and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

MCA/ROC Services:

We offer a wide range of services related to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and Registrar of Companies (ROC). Our team assists with various MCA/ROC compliance requirements, such as filing of forms, maintenance of registers and records, and ensuring adherence to statutory obligations.

Preparation of CMA Data for Bank/Loan:

When seeking bank loans or financing, preparation of accurate and comprehensive Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) data is crucial. We help you compile and prepare the necessary financial data and statements, ensuring compliance with the requirements of banks and financial institutions.

Project Finance Documentation:

For businesses involved in project finance, we provide comprehensive assistance with documentation. Our experts help you prepare project reports, financial statements, and other necessary documentation to secure financing for your projects.

Bank Civil Improvement & Activities:

We offer support and consultancy services for various bank-related activities, including civil improvement projects. Our team assists in project planning, documentation, and liaising with banks to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

At Sai Tax World, we are committed to delivering high-quality corporate services that meet the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise, combined with our dedication to excellence, makes us your trusted partner in all matters related to corporate compliance and operations. Contact us today to explore how we can support your business and help you achieve your goals.

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