Audit CA Certified Document

Indias No1 compliance service provider Virtual CFO service to prepare accounts, file income tax and MCA annual return for company. Avoid late filing penalty in lakhs and Director disqualification at Sai Tax Wrold. Multiple Offices in India. Experienced Accountants. Avoid MCA Fines & Penalty.

Our team of experienced and certified Chartered Accountants (CAs) provides a comprehensive range of audit services and certified documents to meet your financial and compliance needs. Here are some of the services we offer:

Income Tax Audit:

Our qualified CAs conduct a thorough examination of your financial records, statements, and transactions to ensure compliance with income tax regulations. We assess all relevant sections of the income tax law and provide an audit report that certifies the accuracy and completeness of your income tax return.

GST Audit/9C:

As Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations may require businesses to undergo regular audits, our team specializes in conducting GST audits. We review your GST returns, invoices, and other relevant documents to verify compliance with GST laws and provide you with a certified audit report in accordance with GST Audit Form 9C.

VAT Audit:

For businesses operating in jurisdictions where Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable, our experts perform VAT audits. We examine your VAT records, sales and purchase invoices, and other necessary documentation to ensure adherence to VAT regulations. Our certified audit report validates your VAT compliance.

Projected & Provisional Balance Sheet:

We assist in preparing projected and provisional balance sheets, which are useful for various purposes such as financial planning, obtaining loans, or presenting financial forecasts to stakeholders. These balance sheets estimate future financial positions based on projected or provisional data, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

Net Worth Certificate:

Our CAs can issue net worth certificates, which provide an assessment of an individual or company’s net worth. The certificate includes a detailed analysis of assets, liabilities, and equity, reflecting the financial position at a given point in time. Net worth certificates are often required for specific purposes, such as loan applications or legal matters.

Turnover Certificate:

We provide certified turnover certificates that validate the revenue generated by a business over a specific period. These certificates are commonly requested by government agencies, banks, or other entities to verify the financial performance of a company.

Bid Capacity Certificate (for contractors):

Contractors often require bid capacity certificates to demonstrate their financial strength and ability to undertake projects of a certain magnitude. Our team evaluates your financial statements, creditworthiness, and other relevant factors to issue bid capacity certificates, enhancing your credibility during the bidding process.

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